Monday, May 24, 2010

Sabbatical....Indefinitely, until further notice.;-)

Hey fellow blogger friends, I know you haven't seen the Anderfun Six much this year, actually not at all. I was converted to Facebookism 1 year ago and must say it has been much faster for me. Life seems to pick up it's pace....with 4 kidos. Bailey is in Volleyball, Big T just finished NW Baseball and is now doing NOR Baseball through the summer, along w/ club soccer, Miss Gracie is in T-ball and we're ready for swim lessons and a fun HOT summer ahead! Livy is up for Potty-Trainee of the year!! So we are having some fun this Anderfun Six! Kudos to you fab women who write in your blogs every week and post pics. One day I say, one day... but not today. For now you can find me on Facebook, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month. Anywho XOXO's to all of you!! TTFN (Tata For Now). love ya bunches, Di :-)

Spring Break at Oceanside Condo/ La Jolla

Big T's first Baseball Season... He did GREAT!

Tanner and his Bimat Buddies... Friends by Day, Rivals by Night "Dodgers vs Brewers"

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