Monday, May 24, 2010

Sabbatical....Indefinitely, until further notice.;-)

Hey fellow blogger friends, I know you haven't seen the Anderfun Six much this year, actually not at all. I was converted to Facebookism 1 year ago and must say it has been much faster for me. Life seems to pick up it's pace....with 4 kidos. Bailey is in Volleyball, Big T just finished NW Baseball and is now doing NOR Baseball through the summer, along w/ club soccer, Miss Gracie is in T-ball and we're ready for swim lessons and a fun HOT summer ahead! Livy is up for Potty-Trainee of the year!! So we are having some fun this Anderfun Six! Kudos to you fab women who write in your blogs every week and post pics. One day I say, one day... but not today. For now you can find me on Facebook, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month. Anywho XOXO's to all of you!! TTFN (Tata For Now). love ya bunches, Di :-)

Spring Break at Oceanside Condo/ La Jolla

Big T's first Baseball Season... He did GREAT!

Tanner and his Bimat Buddies... Friends by Day, Rivals by Night "Dodgers vs Brewers"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Livy's 1st Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA MAE, We love you sooo much!!
Livy was so cute, she didn't know quite what to do with her Birthday Cake at first. Though it didn't take her long before she dived in with the help of her big sister, Gracie.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disneyland January 2009

Oh my gosh is that the girl from I-Carly... YES IT IS!!
Bailey was so excited to meet Sam from the I-Carly show
when we were at Disneyland.

Paul always has a great face on those snap photos...
I think he looks just like that in all of our Splash
Mountain pictures from the past.

Everett was not appreciating all that
Space Mountain had to offer.

You gotta do the 'tea cups' at least once...
good thing we didn't eat lunch first.

'Ride em Dumbo'

Cousins are soo cool becuzzz...

You can take crazy photos with them

Sqeeze Cheeks...

Raise your hands high....

HUG a little....


Laugh with Gracie...

Eat 'fruit by the foot' with Gracie....

Say Cheese....

and more cheese.... ALL THESE THINGS MAKE FOR

Our kids loved Vanessa, the Office Manager at Paul's work... she's just too cool.

Pirates of the Carribean

Arrggg.....'Pirates of the Carribean' gift shop

We had such a great time with everyone!!

Livy's favorite ride was the 'Pooh Bear' ride....she looked around and smiled. She couldn't get enough of it.

Pull hard Tanner....there once was this one boy,
this one time, in this one place, oh I mean this same place,
who pulled this same sword up so hard that heeee.....
fell off backwards.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun in the Snow....

We had a wonderful time in Utah....we saw a lot of was so much fun to see everyone. Our kids loved the 'Snow' it's almost better than going to Disneyland... Here are some pictures in the 'Snow', these first pictures are the morning after the big snow storm at my parents house. It was so beautiful....I had to try to capture it on camera.....

Yee Haw...Paul, Tanner & Gracie caught some air going over at jump at Kathy & Dean's

Rylee & Baily snowmobiling

Charlee, Landon & Gracie

Jordan pulling the kids around

My Dad

Sledding down Grandpa Schulthies' hill

Santaquin fun in the snow with cousins

We just arrived in Santaquin, UT and Uncle Scott was nice enough to pull the kids around for a few hours...they loved it!!

Uncle Brad lost a bet and had to walk outside in the snow with his bare feet....brrrr it's cold.